So today…

Today kind of started off like every other day, fed all the fish, cleaned the tanks, attempted some stand making and needless to say….the fish store called my name.

We decided today that we are turning one of our 10 gallon tanks into a shrimp tank. It isn’t the prettiest tank, just some fluval substrate and guppy grass with a small bit of algae. So, I went to a favorite fish shop of mine and picked up 7 cherry shrimp as a tester for us. We’ve never kept them. So, I’ll update that tank in a week or so.

We also got the final pieces left to set up our wall of 20L tanks from Amazon today.

6 sponge filters to get cycling the tanks. These will be powered by this

Should be enough to power a few tanks.

So anyways, when I get some progress made tomorrow on setting up the 20L rack, I’ll post some progress pictures and maybe reveal what we got intended for the tanks!

Keep on fishing



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