Ok so…

Yesterday didn’t go quite as planned. I was able to get some 2×6 cut for the stand of our 125g tank, got mocked up and looked good. Got the base screwed together aaaaaaand…the drill motor goes out. So now I have a stack of lumber sitting in the office (where the business aspect of this goes down). I guess that’s just one of the struggles and joys of DIY.

We’re also pretty excited about a new project we got coming up. Finally ordered some more sponges and pumps to set up a full rack of 20L’s and get them cycling. Now, we just have to figure out what to do with them. Should we go shrimp? Should we go more dwarf cichlids? I guess we will Leave it up to the readers.

We also are gearing up to get our other forms of social media up, and we really need some designing done. We are fishkeepers here and quite frankly, we suck with graphic design. Someone hook us up?

Alright ya’ll, keeping it short today. Got a lot to do. Finish the stand for the 125, start the rack for the 20L’s, prep the 125 for paint. Oh boy..

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