Our first post!!

OK, so here we go, our very first blog post on iseefishies.com. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jeremy. I have been a fishkeeper for well over 20 years in total. My passion was breeding South American cichlids and plecos, but recently, I have decided to dedicate more time to doing this blog and giving our readers a more in depth view of a day to day life of a fishkeeper, and giving the real time struggles of starting a online business in the industry I love, NOT using wholesalers for my stock, but our local breeders.

My future goals for this site is to have a public discussion area as to where the most novice keeper and the most experienced can come together and help promote our hobby, breeding, knowledge in everything aquariums, etc. We are also working on setting up a online marketplace for all the breeders out there that are “pro” members to this site (still under construction). We want a secure, safe and trusted way for our members to be able to buy/sell/trade without fear.

Also, just going to throw this out there, we are also considering doing a couple vlogs throughout the week as well as our posts. What do you think? We’re all about making this site as fun and as interactive as possible. Sure, we will have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc for everyone to keep up to date on what’s going on and all of our tanks, current and future set-up’s (which we have a couple ready to go just for you).

Hopefully, you made it through the blog without leaving yet. Thanks, it really does mean a lot. One more thing I wanted to point out is…do you see any ads on this blog? Nope, didn’t think so. I would love to keep it this way, because I also think they are annoying. There’s a sticky post on the page that will help us keep this ad free and help better this page for everyone! It is affiliate links to all the products we  use currently. from LED’s, food, heaters, all-in-one tank combos, etc. But seriously, thanks for reading this VERY long intro blog. There’s a lot more I could say and talk about, but I will save that for Friday’s blog entry.

Keep on fishin’




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